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Announcement: Tree planting along Boardman Lake Trail

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MyWHaT underwriter TART Trails, as they often do, is taking a lead on a community improvement project this afternoon and you’re invited to come lend a hand or simply ride by and give them a big thank you.

In partnership with the City, volunteers will be planting trees along the Boardman Lake Trail near the waste water treatment plant.  There is a combination of 26 White Pines, 26 White Spruces and 20 Virginia Creeper (vines) to be put in the ground.

Volunteers will be equipped with wheelbarrows, shovels, buckets for water and gloves, but if you want to work you may also like to bring your own favorite tool(s). They will be meeting Today at 3:30pm along the trail near Hull Park and expect to be done by 5:30.


Where can you plant a tree?  

Have a weekend.


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