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From a local-government meeting (RE) near us all, a frustrated voice screams out via the wireless beauty of text message:

One day multi-modal facilities will be considered infrastructure just like sewer, roads, storm water. One day dammit!

For all of us who’ve been there, done that, we hear you and share you’re pain. You’re doing great things, Julie Clark of TART Trails–keep it up! 继续努力吧! jìxù nǔlì ba!

The Chatter

Whoever is in charge of branding
For the Lorax’s mula-making machine –
Have you read the book you’re hijacking?
Did you misinterpret what it means?


Why does GM think peer-to-peer car share is a grand idea? (Time) 1) they know our cars just sit there 92% of the time and 2) the future will be collaborative (Sharable)  because collaborative consumption just makes sense (The Mesh)

We have moved into an era where access to good services and talent trumps the ownership of them.”



Have a weekend!


* Note: I will be experimenting this upcoming week by posting articles and curiosities that I’d normally save for the end of the week chatter to the MyWHaT Tumblr. I’ll run a reminder  at the end of next week.



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