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Go Straight to the Bottom for a Cool Slide…The Chatter

December 9, 2011 2 comments

Public-note-to-self: sometime next week MyWHaT will begin a leave of absence. We’ve been going strong for two-years and it’s time for an assessment. When the break comes, the plan is to post a survey to elicit feedback from readers. Your responses will help plan the direction, possibly the discontinuation, of this blog. Wide participation in that survey will certainly be appreciated.


To be sure there is plenty of reading opportunity, here is an extra packed Weekly Chatter, complete with a few links to archived posts. And, yesterday’s post discussing some of the City’s upcoming issues is highly recommended…many of those issues will need your holistic, well-reasoned input.

The Chatter

There are several quirks about LOS that give it what Henderson calls a “veneer of objectivity.” For starters, LOS delay is measured at the peak traffic rush. That reflects the belief that a street’s design should be based on its most congested hour or so, rather than configured to handle a wide range of travel modes throughout the day.”

We typically associate high automobile use in the U.S. with Americans’ need to drive and love to drive. But ultimately there’s a pricing and policy structure that enforces that. If we fully costed out some of the impacts on driving […] and gave an alternative in the form of public transit or denser neighborhoods or shorter multimodal trips, then you could really see a pretty large change.”

(My contribution)

A dream, in a box / Encouraged by form, to drive / at excessive speeds.

Have your own street Haikus?


The Retweets

The Wrap

Now, this is a slide. Of course, it is Japan. Hat tip to It’s Nice That.

Have a weekend (and then some).

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