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Car and Driver: The End of the Ever Expanding Highway is Near

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Graphic Friday

The inevitable conclusion is that we cannot possibly build enough roads to satisfy demand, so we must consider alternative transportation systems. ~ From Car & Driver’s July feature titled, The State of the Union’s Roads: What’s happening to our playground? The American highway is broken. And broke

Car & Driver’s main concern: our deteriorating highways/roadways and the cost to build and maintain them. In addition to funding sources like the inadequate gas tax, the main question is whether it is worth it with an ever-growing urban population to continue to expand, encourage and subsidize car-centric sprawl. It’s clear that we need to have a rationale discussion about more economically sustainable and conservative ways to invest our transportation dollars considering traditional roads are like cars themselves: the moment you drive them off of the lot, they decline in their value. If we do this honestly, there won’t be an alternative transportation system; there will be a true, comprehensive transportation system that isn’t so one-dimensional.


Life-cycle of a Highway

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