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Walking And Biking In Cities Rocks, But Hold The Rage (The Weekly Chatter)

February 19, 2011 1 comment

We try to publish 7-10 posts a week and try to be relevant on both hyper-local issues as well as for a broader audience tuned in to designing places for people anywhere. Reader numbers continue to increase, so something is clicking.

What is it that keeps you coming back? Is it informative? Entertaining? Oddly small-town compelling?

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Weekly Chatter

A Saturday edition.

  • What’s Up With AASHTO & Single Occupant Vehicles? “They’re the geniuses who mandate sweeping, high-speed long radius turns and merge lanes that are deadly to pedestrians and cyclists.


  • RT (@ccoletta) The lesson of Egypt: Social media don’t supplant the public square. They push people to it. – Blair Kamin
  • RT (@Gsquare86 جييييج) Never give up on your principles even if the whole world is against you, that’s what the revolution taught me #Egypt
  • RT (@capntransit) “Many citizens with legitimate concerns or constructive suggestions may not enjoy either crowds or microphones.”
  • RT (@Richard_Florida) The crisis we face is more political than economic.

To Wrap

Nothing here this week. Editor and the graphics team all took an early weekend.

Go, have a weekend.

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