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Fighting Traffic, Fighting Bike Lanes, Fighting Dictators-Oh, The Fireworks (The Weekly Chatter)

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There has been a lot of chatter this week about bygone days and the modern debate about our cities. Much around several reviews of Fighting Traffic — The Dawn of the Motor Age in the American City.

Do you remember the days when we were “outraged by new restrictions imposed on pedestrians” (StreetsBlog) because of the car? Yeah, me neither, however, around 100 year’s ago the backlash against the car (Copenhagenize) was comparable to the effort today being thrown at bike lanes and people centered development.

Once dominance is achieved (socially/culturally/psychologically), it’s hard to give it up. Soon the myth of the car as savior will be busted (The City Fix) and we will realize we’re not as free as we think (Grist) when we are behind a wheel.

Still want more? Here you go.

Weekly Chatter


  • RT (@stevemouzon): people mistakenly see current urbanism as a condition to be endured, not a problem to be solved Hank Dittmar, #SeasideAt30
  • RT (STLTransit): Car almost hits me in crosswalk, w/ walk signal. Dude hits horn. Passenger seat rolls down window, says “I’m so sorry. My son is an idiot.
  • RT (@rocksterling): Hello America! Did you see that fire truck run over that dude in #Egypt? Me either. But I did preorder my #Verizon #iPhone4.

(automobiles as weapons=disgusting/disturbing)

To Wrap

Happy Lunar New Year! This is how the neighborhood celebrates in China.

Have a weekend!

Graphic Friday: The Great Matters MyWHaT Harps On

February 4, 2011 3 comments

Graphic Friday

Do any of these keywords jump out at you? These are just a few of the many topics that we write about & advocate for here at what’s abbreviated as MyWHaT.

If there are themes to the work that we are passionate about, it is connecting neighbors, providing choices and developing a resilient community. And, celebrating public spaces while we do it. 

Last week was a kick-off for a lunar new year ask for underwriters (old & new) to help move MyWHaT into something more effective. Needless to say, there wasn’t an overwhelming rush. Still, a big THANK YOU to those who contributed, one contributor merely minutes after the post went live…on it!

Can you help? Underwriters may use the MyWHaT PayPal account, fill out a Underwriter Form to mail or send me a message to meet over coffee and discuss options. Terms may be creative. For example, we take Baybucks, bartering and pledges.

If you’d like to make a personal donation, PayPal is by far the best method.

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