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Props to the Third Coast Bicycle Festival

August 31, 2010 1 comment

Well done to the organizers of the Third Coast Bicycle Festival. It was great to see so many people with their bicycles, of all shapes, sizes, bells and whistles riding around town. Fun events, spread over many interests. Good work. Cheers!

Some Footage

Bruce Bodjack, a member of the Cherry Capital Cycling Club took some stills at the Bicycle Festival Fashion Show and has kindly posted them on his Flickr page. To the right is the honorable white van, decked out in TCBF garb.

MyWHaT Events?

I missed out on a lot of the events, but look forward to scheduling it into my August next year. August is the new July, I might as well embrace it. In fact, if MyWHaT is still around I may have to host some events…ideas?

I have three for you to consider:

  1. A slow bicycle race? More of a physics experiment than a race.
  2. A bicycle rack contest? we can get beyond the functional upside down “U”, can’t we?
  3. A DIY Street Improvement Sprint? No link for this one, but there might be a way to make it legal.

What do you think? What event(s) pops out for you?

Video Tuesday

The first is a quick grab at last week’s fashion show ride around the ‘gut’. Anytime a group of riders can joyfully command the street, it’s hard not to smile.

Joel Gaff, one of the organizers of the week, has a couple of videos online from races during the week. Here’s the Wayne Hill gut buster. He has another video of the Cherry-Roubaix Street Sprints 2010holy crap they are fast!

Oh, and TCBF. Thanks again for The Cranky. How embarrassing.

Design your street today, as you wish it to be tomorrow

August 31, 2010 Leave a comment

How would you design your street?

These are images of drawings left at the Our Cities Ourselves exhibit at the Center for Architecture in New York city. Viewers are giving a cross-section of a street and asked, “How would you design your street?”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I like the old car jungle gym…recycle it!

MyWHaT highlighted this exhibit earlier this year when we highlighted the 10 Principles for transport in Urban Life.

Also included in the slide show are the feet of Bill Palladino and I standing in a square meter. It’s a powerful visual to see the space we consume when we make simple trips. The description at the top suggests that a bus in Mexico City is full at 7 people per square meter.

The Next 20-years

The booklet at the bottom of this post is an excellent substitute to visiting the exhibit. I really like pages 8 & 9 that walk the reader through the ‘the next 20 years’ and what we will need at different stages (page 8 below).

The first example is a 30-year-old woman expressing a desire to bike her children to day-care, but forced to drive. “It would be much more convenient to take my child to day-care on the bicycle on the way to work, but I’m just not sure it’s safe, so I drive the minivan. It costs a lot and I spend more time looking for parking.

Reminds me of one of MyWHaT’s earliest unsolicited emails by a frustrated mom wishing to bike her children around instead of drive.

(Click for larger view)

If you’re in New York, “Our Cities Ourselves” is up until September 11. Details are here.

Our Cities Ourselves Booklet:

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