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The Weekly Chatter: Pedestrian critical mass, complete Street bills, street cars and flowers.

July 2, 2010 5 comments

Still in R & D mode. It’s been a lot of work, so we’re extending it another week. Again, looking for feedback, so send me a message in between BBQ’s, the beach and the World Cup.

One note, 8th Street is getting the final touches. There isn’t much to say that hasn’t been said, but next week MyWHaT will walk through the few changes that did occur and those that didn’t occur, like bike sharrows.

Weekly Chatter

  • The Record Eagle cheerleads the West End Parking deck. MyWHaT isn’t opposed absolutely, but frustration remains. The city can allocate $30 million plus to subsidize parking cars over the last decade while a simple bike lane, a sidewalk or basic traffic calming is like pulling teeth from a rabid beagle.
  • A response out of the Velo-City Global, a conference about the potential and challenges of cycling, makes it clear that it’s About People–>”I don’t give a sh*t about bikes.
  • Street cars in Grand Rapids? As a visitor, I’m in full support! Appreciated  message from Don Lawless, the chair of the board making it happen, “What we approved is a Plan NOT a Vision. This Plan WILL happen.” NWMI can learn from the Say Yes! culture of GRR.

To wrap, Refurbished gumball machines selling seed bombs to populate otherwise drab public spaces with wildflowers. Where have I seen seed bombs before…?

Lay low, we’re under attack.

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