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Bride & groom reclaim 8th St. with wedding guests

June 2, 2010 4 comments

The Wedding Procession

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Congratulations Kate and John.

“Wishing you one hundred years of finely tuned bicycles.”


June 7th-11th, 2010


While you slept oil continued to gush into the gulf

June 2, 2010 1 comment

And still continues, without an end in sight…

This post is an email I received from a friend whose daughter, currently at university, had sent out to her contacts. With their permission, I’m posting it as it was sent with the addition of links to news and editorials about the Gulf Oil Spill that I have been reading over the last week.


Hello all,  We raise our kids and hope to inspire them occasionally with our wisdom. Sometimes they reverse the role. Below is an e-mail my daughter Claire sent from Eugene last week. She said she should have been studying for finals, but was moved by current events. –  Bob

Greetings- I would highly recommend watching the full press conference online that President Obama gave today in regards to the gulf oil spill.  Although he is taking full responsibility, suspending exploratory drilling in the Gulf’s deep waters for now, and has called for a six-month moratorium on new permits, his administration is not doing enough. He understands that we must transition the country to clean energy and that we must transition away from our reliance on foreign oil, but the administration is not taking drastic enough steps to protect our country.

NOAA map of the 4,000+/- oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico

He says that we do not currently have the available technology to make a transition away from oil. But we do. Other countries that are quickly rising as leaders of the world economy have been investing heavily in electrifying their public and private transportation systems. They are investing in efficient heating/cooling building techniques, and in wind and solar electricity, etc. We too can do the same, and we will fail to be a player in the global economy if we fail to make drastic changes now.

Our reliance on oil is an issue of national security. One can argue that past and future wars are likely to be directly linked to our addiction to oil. It is an issue of social equity. When our economy begins to collapse, and it will if we do not act quickly and drastically, it will be the low-income in this country that will suffer immediately. From the rising cost of fuel, from the abrupt shortage of public transportation, and from a plethora of other effects associated with climate change.

The ecological devastation in the Gulf of Mexico will likely never again be restored. I cannot even begin to fathom the ongoing devastation this oil spill will have on local economies and on the environment. After spending time living in southern Louisiana last winter, I know that their economy is dependent on shrimp, oysters, and other agricultural products that will be greatly affected by this disaster. What better time than now to push hard for a comprehensive energy policy reform? We finally have an administration that wants to listen. We have an energy bill calling for comprehensive energy reform being drafted right now.

I do not know a ton about national politics, but I plan to send letters to both Michigan and Oregon representatives in D.C. I will tell them I want them to support the energy bill John Kerry and Joe Lieberman have proposed. That I want the bill to ensure that new permits will not be granted for additional off shore drilling. That we will take drastic measures to transition away from oil. When thousands of letters begin pouring into the offices of our state representatives, they will take note.  ~Claire


She describes a place where we must be, yesterday.

Grist has a very reachable list of 10 Ways to kick our offshore oil habit directed specifically at politicians, but works for the rest of us as well. There’s also a list for cities and towns to kick it…We need to do more today to move Beyond Petroleum.

Waiting for the next hybrid-cosmic luxury-transporter-pod isn’t good enough…

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