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Excuse me, could you extract your transport-pod out of my bleeping lane!

Ann Arbor police force & the time-honored entitlement of people parking cars where ever they feel like it. (photo: Greg)

As Traverse City begins to see more bike lanes added into the mix, we will undoubtedly begin to run into more of the entitlement problems many of us, yes all of us, have when driving motorized vehicles. One of these entitlement symptoms is thinking that we can park anywhere and that we need to park as close to the front door as possible. We block handicap ramps, we block other traffic, we park in bike lanes. With yet another useful online tool, we can begin archiving the license plate # of repeat offenders.

At www.MyBikeLane.com you can anonymously report the offense, the location and the offenders license plate number.  You can also leave a comment if you need some extra venting.

On the other side, you can look up someone’s license plate number to see if they’ve been caught before. Or, look up your own…

If any of you post something to My bike Lane, give MyWHaT a heads up.

Now that I’m think about it, where does Traverse City have bike lanes? Once I find one, I’ll look for some photos.

NOTE: Another online tool mentioned on MyWHaT is SeeClickFix

(Thank you to M’Lynn at Traverse Alive for sending this our way.)


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